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Back in 1980 Mr Mohamed Bary, was from an old Dutch Fort, in Sri Lanka which is considered as the 72nd ancestral city of Galle Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a very popular source for Precious Gemstones, in the Gems and Jewellery Industry, at the early age of 18 started the Gem Business. By visiting to the Gem Mining areas to purchase Rough Gemstones and stated to have a small traditional Gem cutting operation, at home in the Veranda of 57 Light House Street Fort Galle, it was an interesting time. As the Galle Fort was built by the Dutch and it was one of the old Dutch city and as it was the 72 old City, there were lot of European tourists who would walk by and the Tourists would like to view how the gemstones are cut and polished the traditional way. So it was possible for Mr Bary to show the process how this was done and make lot of Precious Gemstone sales and eventually convert his Veranda of his home to a Tourist Gem Shop Under the name of Bary & Co. This was the very first Gem and Jewellery shop that was ever started in Galle Fort and this Gem and Jewellery shop was a well reputed shop where lot of Tourist from Europe etc. would come to make their jewellery purchases when they come on their vacation.

In 1984 There was an American Gem buyer who visited Bary & Co., started to make large Gems Purchases and was reselling in the United States who visited frequently every year became the sponsor for Mr Bary to visit the united states for him to come to the Tucson Gem Show back in 1988, which is the biggest Gem Show is the world’s till today. From here on, it was possible for Mr Bary to hand carry the Gemstone and Jewellery from Sri Lanka officially through the Gem and Jewellery Authority and clear customs in Los Angeles and have made about 35 plus sales trips from Sri Lanka to the United States from 1988 till the year 2000.

Due to the political troubles in Sri Lanka it was better for Mr Bary to relocate with his family to the United States. In September 2000, Mr Mohamed Bary brought his family along his wife and two kids to start the Intra transfer company Bary Gems Inc. In the United States in New York. Bary Gems Inc. was established back in December of 2000 and till today for the past 20 plus years he is actively participating in about 35 Gem & Jewellery shows, every year, for the customer convenience. Apart from selling on e-commerce portals eBay, Amazon and the website https://www.barygems.com, has been launched to offer the customer a lower price to shop form home at their own convenience and there is always a 12% discount in all the products as there is no sales commission to be paid. if you make the purchase directly from https://www.barygems.com unlike you have to pay a 12% commission to e-commerce portals like ebay, amazon and other platforms.

So we sincerely hope you will be happy to shop from https://www.barygems.com with the expertise and the knowledge of the Gem Stone experience which is imported directly from Sri Lanka.

Mr Bary has the knowledge and the experience in buying the rough from the source at the right price and getting it cut and designing the piece of jewellery that you will be proud to own. This has been proven over and over by all his loyal customers who come to make their purchases repeatedly as they are satisfied to have it in your collection for the past 20 plus years. You can be rest assured that you will always have Best Quality and Value on all our products as they come with 15-day money back guarantee, and customer satisfaction guarantee for your purchase.