Alexandrite Natural Genuine Gemstone Diamond Yellow Gold Diamond Ring RSS,308


Alexandrite Natural Genuine Gemstone Diamond Yellow Gold Diamond Ring RSS,308

Alexandrite Natural Genuine Gemstone Diamond Yellow Gold Diamond Ring RSS,308


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Today,s item is Natural Genuine Alexandrite country of origin Brazil with a well cut oval shape clean gemstone has good color change from beautiful green to purplish red. set with natural diamonds in a cluster design in 18 kt Yellow gold.and set with white and yellow diamonds. Natural genuine Alexandrites are very rare and very expensive this size with color change as the stone weight is 1.06 ct, set with 56 cts of genuine yellow and white diamonds, The ring is an investment piece perfect for an occasion like an engagement Ring.
Ring Size 6 and this ring can be sized with out any problem
The stone size is 6x5mm

The design measurements are 15x21x8mm

Alexandrite was named after a King of Russia, Alexander II. It was first originated in Russia in its Ural Mountains. This charm reveals its dark green hue but when seen through the transmitted light it appears to show off its red shine. The chromium that is present in thistalisman offers it its favorite shade. This mineral is also found in many other gemstones but in those charms it offers only on color butin this talisman it provides two tints.

The coloring agents depend on the light wavelength and also on the chemical bonds in the gemstone so that the color of it may get determined that will become visible. Lets take an example; the copper is an element that appears to be green in shade in malachite when viewed in the normal light but in azurite it appears to be blue in tincture. All this depends on the chemical bonding.
If the visible light is florescent or natural sunlight then crystal will appears to be green but it will show off its red shade in the light of indoor bulb or any luminous light.

Benefits of wearing Alexandrite

There are various benefits of wearing Alexandrite. Here we will discuss about the popular among them.
Alexandrite is known and is quite popular gemstone that enhances the self esteem and confidence of the wearer. The feeling of importance and self worth also become famous when the wearer wears this regenerative talisman.

Alexandrite balances the emotional state of the owner and also helps in attracting the positive changes. It is also believed that this crystal intensifies the feelings of sensuality, love and compassion and is also in demand because of its power of inducing the success and happiness.

In the physical terms, Alexandrite assists in treating the inflamed lymph nodes, ailment of spleen and pancreatic disorders. It is also believed that this gemstone is the best crystal that cures the person from leukemia.

Alexandrite is also referred to as aStone of good forecast that is said to fortify the intuition power of the person who wears this talisman. This charm offers various new ways so that the wearer may deal easily with his situations where the logic does not make any sense.

Due to the unique color changing property of this gemstone that takes place in distinctive times in a day offers different results. The one who wears this talisman in the day time get the happiness, success and the good fortune when it appears to be bluish green in shade. In the night this charm magnetizes the warm loving and sensual emotions which showoff its reddish blue.


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