Amber Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Stud Earrings ESS,817


Amber Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Stud Earrings ESS,817

Amber Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Stud Earrings ESS,817

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Today,s item is a naturalgenuine, beautiful pair of Amber sterling silver stud earrings, these are two beautiful clean oval shape gemstones set in this pair of earrings, this pair is great for every day wear as it is offered at a very low price.

stone size: `5mm

stone weight 1.6 ct
gram weight 2 grams
Design measurements 7x25x5
Overview:Amber is one of the organic gemstones, being the time-hardened fossilized resin of pine trees, the now extinct Pinus Succinifera, and others. As such it varies from about 20 to 60 million years old. It is light and warm to the touch, and readily produces static electricity when rubbed. Well preserved specimens of extinct insects and plant material, have been found in amber.

Healing Power:Amber is excellent for eyes, and for glandular swellings of the throat and lungs. Amber balances endocrine and digestive network.

Mystical Power:Amber brings good luck. It is associated with time, cycles and longevity. Amber is also regarded as being highly sensual and magnetic. Amber insures very long enjoyment of the qualities that make the wearer attractive. Amber has long been associated with healing energy and mental stimulation, and is said to balance aggressive traits.

Legend:Baltic amber is used as gem stone since the Mesolithic Period. In the Baltic region, the ancient Rome and the ancient Greece used Amber for jewellery, for medicine and as a stone for spiritual healing. The Roman poet Plinius was angry about the price of amber , saying that it was costlier than a slave! Amber has been used for decoration since the stone age. Amber with special markings such as the initials of ones name was thought to be a great protective talisman since ancient times.

Occurrence:Baltic amber is found in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, and occasionally washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea as far away as Denmark, Norway, and England. The largest mine in the Baltic region is in Russia, west of Kaliningrad. Other amber sources include Myanmar , Lebanon, Sicily, Mexico, Romania, Germany, and Canada. There are numerous small deposits of amber in the USA.

Color:Amber is predominantly found in yellow and brown colors.


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