Amethyst Gold and Diamond Ring RFK,302


Amethyst Gold and Diamond Ring RFK,302

Amethyst Gold and Diamond Ring RFK,302

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Today,s item Is a Natural genuine Amethyst lady,s ring set in 14 kt Yellow gold in a beautiful design with genuine diamonds, The gemstone weight is 4.20ct The Ring weight is 6 grams the design Measurements are 15x19x9mm

Ring size 8.5 This is is sizable with out any problem.

This Amethyst is cut in a unique design in order to make the ring beautiful for this particular design, and this is a one of a kind ring which is hand made.

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz and possibly the most popular form of quartz in the world. Its a fairly hard gem, has six sides, and can be found within geodes all across the globe. Amethyst is usually available in crystal form or a mass. Nutritional analysis shows that some amethyst crystals contain naturally-occurring manganese. Many stones on the market are not natural; they are often heat treated to produce a darker shade of purple. Throughout history, the purple, lilac, and lavender amethyst crystal have been associated with royalty. The crystals have also been used for a variety of health conditions throughout the ages, ranging from alcohol addiction and sleep disorders to pain and mental dysfunction. While research has yet to conclude that amethyst actually helps decrease symptoms associated with these health issues, emerging data displays amethyst as a powerful compound possibly helpful for detoxification. How Can Amethyst Help You? Amethyst has a myriad of natural aids for the body by producing small, detectable levels of magnetic fields. While high levels of magnetic fields are dangerous (particularly from electronics), the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from amethyst may actually produce favorable results in the body. Since the body has its own magnetic field, it is possible that amethyst interacts and exchanges energy with the body. [1] This stone also generates far-infrared radiation, a type of long-wavelength radiation. All light and heat particles demonstrate this wavelength. X-rays have a very short wavelength, whereas visible light has a wavelength that is much longer. Far-infrared radiation has a variety of health benefits for the human body. Eight of these health benefits include: 1. Cell Regeneration Far-infrared radiation is known to support healthy cell growth and regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that increasing infrared radiation may correspondingly increase energy levels in the body. This increase in energy is designed to promote the growth of healthy cells, possibly aiding in whole body growth. [2] Currently, the majority of experiments that verify these findings have been conducted with animals; however, results indicate that similar activity may occur in humans.


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