Ametrine Antique Design Sterling Silver Lady,s Ring, RSS,481


Ametrine Antique Design Sterling Silver Lady,s Ring, RSS,481

Ametrine Antique Design Sterling Silver Lady,s Ring, RSS,481


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Today,s item is a Natural Genuine Emerald cut Ametrine, this gemstone has no inclusions, Clean gemstone set in a beautiful antique unique design, set in sterling silver, The gemstone size is 3.85 ct and the gram weight is 2.2 grams and the ring size is size 7 design Measurements are 10x20x6 mm

Ametrine is an unusual gemstone because it is really two different gemstones in one. Citrine and amethyst are both found in Ametrine. The citrine gives it a yellowish orange color while the amethyst gives it a purple hue. The stone has very unusual color variations due to iron in different states of oxidation within the stone. No one really knows why Ametrine looks the way that it does or what causes the oxidation to produce such brilliant color schemes. Many however, do know that these gemstones are beautiful and look great when paired with other stones of similar or contrasting colors.

Ametrine is mainly found in Bolivia, which is one reason that it is often referred to as bolivianite. Many also refer to the gemstones as trystine. Ametrine has been sold commercially in jewelry and other products only since the early 1980s. There are typically three major colors and each gemstone normally has all three of those colors present. Purple, orange and yellow all blend together to give the stones an unusual color hue and a brilliant shine. Ametrine gemstones are crystal in structure and are typically shaped hexagonally. Stones can be either translucent or transparent and the stones themselves are very hard.This makes it perfect for Ametrine to be cut into various shapes and sizes for a number of jewelry pieces.

Ametrine is a relatively rare gemstone and because it is naturally occurring in only very few locations, the size of these gemstones are normally relatively small. Most jewelry pieces containing Ametrine weigh only a few carats with regards to the stone although there are a number of pieces available ranging from rings and necklaces to earrings, bracelets and charms.


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