Blue Topaz Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Set SSS,787


Blue Topaz Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Set SSS,787

Blue Topaz Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Set SSS,787


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Today,s Item is a beautiful Set in Blue Topaz with white stones in a unique design, set in sterling silver, The set is made with matching gemstones in the same colour and size and the design is very well matched. the ring and earring and the pendent is offered at a very low price as a set, so this is perfect for a busy person who do not have time to look around and match them and put them to gather

Ring size 7
The stone Size 7X5 mm
Stone ct weight 4.75 ct
Gram weight 6.5 grams
Design measurements of the ring 11x8x6 mm
Pendent 10x6x7 mm
Earring 30x6x6 mm

Meaning of Blue Topaz in Astrology (Uses and Benefits)

Topaz is actually a colorless gemstone and it is an aluminum silicate with fluoride and hydroxide ions. They are usually available in numerous colors. Among all the blue gemstones, blue topaz is considered the most popular and most affordable gemstone. The naturally occurring blue topaz gemstone is very rare but it can also be enhanced artificially to improve its blue quality. It is a very popular gemstone which is usually unearthed with granite and pegmatite deposits. This gemstone is actually connected to Jupiter planet as it is the biggest planet of our solar system and it has always been considered to be the abode of grandeur and greatness.

Blue Topaz uses and Why Choose Blue Topaz?

  • It provides inner peace to the wearer.
  • Also provides intellectual guidance and it is especially beneficial for businessmen, sellers, travelers, etc.
  • It balances and strengthens the thyroid gland.
  • It is a traditional birthstone for December.
  • It has become very popular due to its beauty, clarity, durability and most importantly affordability.
  • People have started using it in ornamental jewelries. I
  • t is mostly recommended for couples who are celebrating their fourth anniversary. It consists of a bluish color which is often mistaken with aquamarine.
  • It has been said that if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, then it may lose its shine or color. It is an extremely good and attractive gemstone.
  • It can be commercially available at very reasonable prices.
  • All over the world, many people use it as jewelry.
  • A topaz stone is easily available and it comes in a lot more color yellow, pink, orange, red, maroon, etc. but the most popular among them is blue topaz.

What are many astrological benefits of wearing a blue topaz?

  • It helps in improving our communication skills and also improves self expression of people. So, it is mostly recommended for those who do not have good communication skills.
  • People usually wear it around their neck as it is a very calming color and also the color for throat chakra.
  • It provides us inner body peace, stability of our mind and helps in balancing our thyroid gland.
  • It helps you in improving and amplifying your gifts that you already possess.
  • It helps in ailing many throat related problems as it has excellent healing qualities for neck and throat area.
  • It helps in expressing people in a better way and this is why it is highly recommended for writers.
  • It helps in uniting our body and mind with our soul with the help of its vibration.
  • It is also very beneficial in calming anger, removing bad omens and healing poor vision.


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