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Chrysoberyl Natural Genuine Gemstone With Diamond Lady,s Ring RFK,367 ,

Chrysoberyl Natural Genuine Gemstone With Diamond Lady,s Ring RFK,367

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Today,s item is a Natural genuine Faceted Gem Quality Chrysoberyl 3.42 ct cts, clean gemstone without any inclusions,it is a really spread well cut gemstone stone, so you are not paying for the depth and the beauty will be lost in the setting. and it is in a perfect lady,s ring with genuine six ech stone is a 4 pointer diamonds, the ring size is 6.5 and the design measurements are 11x14x7

it is very important to note that in chrysoberyl to find the green color that you find in this gemstone it is very rare to find in this color, the color of the green in the gemstone is a nice geen in person than in the picture.
oftentimes purchased by gemstone collectors, Chrysoberyl Gemstone Information About Chrysoberyl – History and Introduction Chrysoberylis a rare and exotic family of gemstones first discovered in 1789 by renowned geologist, Abraham Gottlob Werner. The name ‘chrysoberyl’ was originally derived from the Greek words, ‘chryso’ and ‘beryl’, meaning ‘golden’ and ‘green’, respectively. For many years, chrysoberyl was often referred to as ‘chrysolite’, a historical name used to refer to any golden-green to olive colored gemstone. Today, the term ‘chrysolite’ is no longer commonly used. Despite its name, chrysoberyl is not aberyl, although it shares a similar appearance and composition. Chrysoberyl is classified as its own independent mineral group and species -berylis aluminum beryllium silicate, whereas chrysoberyl is beryllium aluminum oxide. Chrysoberyl is a minor ore of the element beryllium (Be) and occurs in granite and granite pegmatites.

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