Fibrolite Cates Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GRG79


Fibrolite Cates Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GRG79

Fibrolite Cates Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GRG79


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This is a Natural genuine Fibrolite Cates Eye also called as SillimaniteCat’seye This is a Natural Genuine Gemstone which is not treated in any way, The Gemstone has a strong sharp ray and the the stone is not deep and basically get more for what you pay as you the stone will be visible in your piece of jewelry and not hidden inside like in a deep heavy stone. this stone is perfect for a Mans Ring or it can be made to a nice Lady, ring by adding little diamonds. if you need any help in making a piece of jewelry we can help you to make it at a reasonable price.

The carat weight of the rare gemstone is 4.99 ct
the size measurements are 12.38×12.38×4.98mm
Sillimanite Cats Eye is sometimes referred to as fibrolite because its crystals occur in groups, resembling fibers. It is found throughout the world, in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the U.S. (Idaho), Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

The chemical composition of Sillimanite Cats Eye is Al2SiO5 Fibrolite and its hardness ratio on the Mohs scale is 6-7.

Sillimanite Cats Eye Colors

The cats eye that runs down the stone is a silver stripe. The main body tone of the stone is uaully reddish black but can be found in various colours like yellow, black, pale blue and glow red.


In the past, these gemstones were mined in places such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, Burma, and USA. However, Cats eye gemstone was reasonably exceptional and collectors typically bought most of the gemstones. In recent times, such deposits have been discovered in India, making the gemstone more accessible to the general public.

The Cats Eye Effect

In technical terms the cats eye effect is called Asterism. There are many gemstones that can show this effect including Chrysoberyl, Quartz, Apatite and Tourmaline. I ti caused by tiny inclusions within the stone that concentrate light along the center of the stone when it is cut into a cabochon.

Holistic Aspects

Sillimantie Cats eye stone though in low-priced has been tested and it is proficient of curing the pressures of the users, predominantly for the panic of the approaching hardships. It is good for those people who are experiencing skin problems or allergies. It can also be worn out by those, whose sun are incapacitated in their natural charts and for those whos birth dates are 1 and 8.

sillimanite cat,s eyeclears obstacles and puts off any evil effects. It can be beneficially used by politicians, who aim for higher positions and power. It is highly suggested for those individuals who do not have well positioned in Ketu natal charts. The effect of this stone can cause a failure and can raise jealousies and enmity, as a result in the natives popularity.


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