Green Onyx Natural Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendent PSS,1199


Green Onyx Natural Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendent PSS,1199

Green Onyx Natural Genuine Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendent PSS,1199

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Today,s item is a green Onyx Natural genuine large oval shape gemstone set in sterling silver, the pendent is made in a beautiful antique design, only the choker is nikel this can be worn with any thick chain according to you preference.

The stone size 26x31x8 mm
Ct weight 42 ct
Design Measurements 58x58x13 mm
The Green Onyx is actually a variation of the Onyx gemstone family, and is dyed a rich, soothing green color. This stone is associated with the planet Mercury, and is ideal for people born under the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Incidentally, the planet Mercury is believed to be representative of intelligence, memory, and high brain power. The Green Onyx gemstone is recommended for those who are looking to improve their public-speaking skills, their authority, confidence, sense of logic, and memory. It is attuned to the Heart Chakra.

The Green Onyx is widely popular for attracting positive energy, and for repelling negative energy and vibes from around the wearer. Experts recommend this stone especially if one feels stuck in a rut of negativity. Just holding the stone, feeling its smoothness and letting the energy from the stone transmit into your being is good Enough to make a person start coming out of the negativity cycle.

This stone is highly recommended for those with a public-facing job, such as a politician or actor. The Green Onyx helps to boost the confidence of a person, and helps improve public-speaking skills. This gemstone helps the wearer become more authoritative, confident, and impressive.The Green Onyx is advised for those who feel that they are lacking in courage, for whatever reason. It is especially recommended for those who fear to stand up for themselves when wronged, or to stand up against anything that they feel is not right. This stone helps the wearer take control of his or her own life.


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