Green Quarts Gold Lady,s Ring RFK207


Green Quarts Gold Lady,s Ring RFK207

Green Quarts Gold Lady,s Ring RFK207

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Natural genuine green Quarts Set with diamonds in 14 kt white gold in a simple design Lady,s Ring made in a beautiful design, the Size of the Gemstone is 8x10mm and the design measurements are 18x10x6mm The Total gram weight of the ring is 2.1

Working with the Heart Chakra, Green Quartz has a healing effect when worn or carried. Use Green Quartz to help transmute negative energies into positive ones. Green Quartz is also known to attract prosperity and success and to stimulate ones creativity. Carrying Green Quartz will help to activate the Heart Chakra, and impart a sense of wholeness to the owner.

By opening, activating and/or stabilizing the Heart Chakra, Green Quartz can help one to feel empathy and universal love for others, and as such, is a great stone for people who are overly selfish or controlling. Green Quartz has a pleasant vibe and can have a positive effect on the environment if placed strategically in a room. Energy healing can be enhanced with Green Quartz by laying this stone on the Heart Chakra.

Green Quartz can help one to learn empathy in a “dog-eat-dog” environment. This quality is good for both the giver and the receiver, as well as for the benefit of the whole world using collective consciousness. Working with Green Quartz can promote cooperation and tactful honesty, and as such, can be a wonderful addition to any home or office environment. Meditating with Green Quartz can bring truthful desires up from the depths of the heart to be examined for their usefulness, and either assimilated or expelled.

Physically, Green Quartz is good for the endocrine glands, adrenal glands, heart and lungs.


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