Iolite Natural Genuine Marquise Shape Gemstone


Iolite Natural Genuine Marquise Shape Gemstone

Genuine Iolite 4.08 ct 15×8.46×6.5 mm


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Today,s item is a Natural genuine Iolite Natural Genuine Gemstone Looks like a sapphire this is a big stone that has measurements of 8.46 mm x 15 mm x 6.5 mm in depth
Gemstone: Iolite
Other names: Water Sapphire or Cordierite
Ruling Heavenly Body: Saturn
Mohs Scale Hardness: 7-7.5
Specific Gravity: 2.58-2.66
Element: Water
Colors: Blue, violet, yellow-brown
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
Origin : Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and India
What is an Iolite stone?
Iolite is a unique semi precious gemstone which is known for it pleochroism property. It displays different colors when viewed from different angles. It is available in violet, deep blue, yellowish gray and violet colors. It is an excellent stone for making jewelries. It is easy to mold in into various shapes, but cutting it is a challenge. If not cut at the exact angle, it may lose its pleochroism property. It is a 21st anniversary stone.
Bary Gems Inc specialize in unique one of a kind hand made genuine Sri Lankan gemstones and jewelry. The business is family owned and has been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. We strive to give you top quality jewelry with a one of a kind unique design at a reasonable price. We have over 2 generations worth of experience at pleasing our clients.
Return policy: We provide a 14 day Money back guarantee provided the item is returned in the same condition that it was sent to you. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. 100% money will be returned when the item is received in it’s original condition.
I’ve noticed that everyone’s computer monitor displays colors differently. This may alter the appearance of the Sapphire’s color from what it truly is. honestly speaking the stone has a richer color than the photos I took using the latest camera available to me. If you have any questions about a stone’s color or clarity, please let me know id be happy to send you more photos I ship my products USPS Priority Mail 2-3 business day, with delivery confirmation.
If you would like to purchase multiple stones, or would like a custom listing made for you, please send me an email. I’m happy to put custom listings together for you.
If you would prefer to have your gems shipped to you overnight, I’m happy to do that for you at an appropriate additional charge.


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