Kunzite Natural Genuine Gemstone


Kunzite Natural Genuine Gemstone

Kunzite Natural genuine Gemstone 21.00 ct

16 x 13 x 10.49 mm


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This is a Natural genuine Kunzite that was cut straight from the rough the stone looks very nice than in the picture, when you see it in person. it is a large stone of 21.00ct and the size is 13x16x10.49mm

Purposes and Uses of Kunzite
Pink kunzite is also known as a Women Gemstone that specifically supports the young or new mother who finds it hard to take care of their newborn. It is the best charm for the sleepless babies and the children who are overactive. It is an excellent gift for the girls when they enter the stage of puberty. It helps them to love the changes that take place in their body.

Kunzite gemstone is an ideal gem for the children who feel hard to adjust and function in their life. The soft pink shade of this talisman attracts the comfort and cleanses the auric shadows that have perhaps absorbed from the negative situations and vibrations.

For the star children, this is the beneficial charm that helps them to adjust with the earth plane energy and environments.

Kunzite is a helpful gemstone that removes the headache over the separation and loss and assists in overcoming the heartbreak after the relationship get broken.

The soothing feel of this gemstone calms the nervous system of the wearer during the assessment or interview, examination and is also useful in the situations where the person cant show the irritation.

In the workplace, Kunzite is a protective crystal when the superiors bring the personal problems or dislikes to the work.

Meditation Process with Kunzite
When the being meditates with Kunzite then it opens his heart the large experiences of the Universal love. It is a wonderful talisman that matches closely with the frequency of the person with the Devine.

Natural Birthstone
Pink Kunzite is the best natural birthstone for the one who have his birth date in the month of October and November. The red crystals are quite popular for attracting the love, passion, courage and energy towards the owner.

The light violet hue of Kunzite is also a perfect natural birthstone for the one who was born in the month of December or January. All the violet tint crystals are known for magnetizing the imagination, dream, magic and intuition.

Kunzite Spiritual Power
Kunzite is the talisman that is used to open the heart to the powers of the love, love of the self, of the others, for the humanity, animals, plants, the earth and all that it contains.

So, the one who wants to try all the benefits associated with Kunzite may read an innovative article above. It contains its uses, overview, and some astrological benefits that will find an easy way towards the success of the owner.
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I’ve noticed that everyone’s computer monitor displays colors differently. This may alter the appearance of the Sapphire’s color from what it truly is. honestly speaking the stone has a richer color than the photos I took using the latest camera available to me. If you have any questions about a stone’s color or clarity, please let me know id be happy to send you more photos I ship my products USPS Priority Mail 2-3 business day, with delivery confirmation.
If you would like to purchase multiple stones, or would like a custom listing made for you, please send me an email. I’m happy to put custom listings together for you.


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