Moonstone Cats Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GSG,718


Moonstone Cats Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GSG,718

Moonstone Cats Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone GSG,718


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This is a rare cats eye moonstone which has a sharp Ray, and clean gemstone The stone weight is 9.28 cts and the size is 12.29×12.23×8.55 mm and it is ideal for a mans Ring or can be made to a nice piece of Jewelry..

Cat’s eye moonstone is an extreme rarity, that occurs in the same mines as other varieties of moonstone. The most important deposits are sourced from Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka is most famous for its highly desirable bluish colored moonstone and India is the leading source for blue sheen moonstone. Other notable deposits include Australia, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Tanzania and the United States.
Cat’s eye moonstone is not as hard as most other types of jewelry gemstones. Despite lack of durability, it remains one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry. In fact, moonstone has been worn as jewelry for centuries, dating back to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

Moonstone jewelry should be limited to protective-style jewelry designs, such as earrings, pendants, pins and brooches. Cat’s eye moonstone can be worn as a ring, but care should be taken to prevent scratches and blows. The wearing of cat’s eye moonstone rings should be limited only to occasional wear. Cat’s eye moonstone is extremely sensitive to pressure, so care should be taken when setting stones. cates eyeare quite popular for both men and women. For men’s designs,


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