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Natural Genuine Triplite Gemstone Faceted GRG28 ,

Natural Genuine Triplite Gemstone Faceted GRG28

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Today,s item is a natural genuine Triplite Faceted Gemstone, This Gemstone is considered as a collectors stone, as you do not get a chance to see this or hear about it in any jewelry store. its a good size and a well cut gemstone at a reasonable price.

Gemstone carat weight is 2.33
the measurement size is 10.27×6.29×4.24 mm
Triplite is named after Greek “triplos” – triple, alluding to its three prominent cleavages.

Triplite occurs in a number of indistinct forms or as masses which are translucent to opaque dark red to brown, or black with vitreous to resinous lustre.

Triplite gems are very difficult to facet.

Triplite Specifications include its chemical, physical and optical properties of natural gemstones. These are displayed through measurements of light dispersion, hardness, density or specific gravity, cleavage, fracture, tenacity, refractive index and luster. These properties vary depending on the type of natural gemstone. Here, to give you a basic insight about Triplite, we provide you with a few prominent Triplite facts.

The gem is commonly found in China and Pakistan.Chemical formula is majorly responsible in contributing the physical properties of Triplite. It is mainly composed of (Mn2+,Fe2+,Mg,Ca)2(PO4)(F,OH)Michael O€™Donoghue , Gems, Sixth Edition (2006).

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