Pathparsha Sapphire Lady,s Gold Ring RFK,250


Pathparsha Sapphire Lady,s Gold Ring RFK,250

Pathparsha Sapphire Lady,s Gold Ring RFK,250

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Today,s Item is a Padparadscha Sapphire 1.10 cts beautiful pear shape gemstone set in a 14 kt yellow gold simple design setting, Ring size is 7 and the design measurements are 10x8x6 mm

What is Padparadscha Sapphire?

are not generally well known to the general public but gemstone collectors treasure them. They are very beautiful with colors that are amazing.

Padparadscha is a derived from a Sinhalese word for aquatic lotus blossom with a beautiful salmon color. The color for the padparadscha sapphire can range from a salmon color with a pinkish hue to an orange hue. They also tend to not be evenly colored, they can have color zones with pink and yellow hints around their salmon color.

Being So Rare

With the Padparadscha Sapphire being extremely rare, they often times have asymmetrical cuts. Clarity is important in the Pasparadscha because with their light coloration inclusions are easily revealed. High clarity may need to be sacrificed to obtain a brilliantly colored stone. It is difficult to find a padparadscha over two carats in weight. When one is found it is considered exceptional and extremely rare.

Pricing Information

The padparadscha is by far the worlds most rare sapphire. They have become a collectors stone and are generally purchased as quickly as they are found. Padparadschas are sold at a price close to that of a fine blue sapphire and it is not unheard of finding them priced at several thousand dollars per carat. Padparadschas are one of the worlds most expensive gemstones, their value will vary due to size, quality and color.

In Conclusion

The padparadscha sapphire is absolutely gorgeous. They are unique and rare with a color variation that will leave a person stunned. Each stone is simply amazing and you will not find two that are alike. The padparadscha presents beauties that cant be denied, and should be snatched up when found. Just make sure that what you are paying for is truly a padparadscha and have your stones tested by a well known gemstone laboratory such as the GIA.


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