Rose Quarts Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Earrings ESS 827


Rose Quarts Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Earrings ESS 827

Rose Quarts Natural Genuine Sterling Silver Earrings ESS 827


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Today’s item is a natural genuine Rose Quartz set in sterling Silver in a Unique design, The Natural genuine Rose Quartz is cut into a beautiful checkerboard cut. and this ring can be worn in a daily basis or for any occasion. and now offered at a low price.

stone size 10 mm
stone weight 6.5 ct
gram weight 6.5 grams
design measurements 12x24x7
Rose Quarts

Overview: Rose Quartz was discovered near Custer in the late 1880s. It is used primarily for ornaments and jewelry. Rose Quartz is a form of quartz primarily distinguished by its pink colour. It is especially common among the crystal collections of people interested in energy work, healing. Rose quartz is also a very attractive ornamental stone and is carved into popular spheres, pyramids, obelisks, figurines and ornate statues. Rose Quartz is the pink form of the mineral quartz. As such it is related to citrine, rock crystal and amethyst. It is usually clear, but often has a slightly misty appearance.

Healing Power: Encourages compassion, self-love and self-acceptance. Used for creating and enhancing loving environments – such as to calm and sweeten nurturing areas within the home.used to release negativity and replace it with gentle self-appreciation. It will allow you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty.The rose quartz is also good for helping one to release childhood traumas, neglect, lack of love, self-esteem.

Legend: This first discovery was made about 250 years ago. The King of Bavaria y took over the mining of the rose quartz, which is probably how it gained popularity. In later times it was extremely popular with the Romans. It was originally discovered in southern Germany near the border of the Czech


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