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Sphine Faceted Natural Genuine Gemstone GRG726 ,

Sphine Faceted Natural Genuine Gemstone GRG726

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Today,s item is a well cut clean Sphine faceted Gemstone which is perfect for a nice piece of jewelry, the gemstone weighs 3.90 ct and the measurements are 7.5 mm x 9.37 mm x 6.45 mm in depth. this is considered as a rare Gemstone This gem has lot of Brilliance as the stone is a double Refractivegemstone like in a sapphire. it is at a reasonable price.

Unknown until recently, Sphene is a marvelous precious stone with incredibly fire that has the potential to rival the much more popular Diamond.


Sphene owes its name to the Greek Sfena – wedge – due to its wedge-shaped crystals. Sphene is also sometimes called Titanite due to the high Titanium content.

Chemical composition of Sphene

Sphene is a silicate of calcium and titanium, and owes its color to the presence of iron. Its color ranges from yellow-green to green and even brown hues. Due to its low hardness (5 – 5.5 on Mohs scale), it is a difficult gem to cut.

Sphene extraction

The principle Sphene deposit lies in Madagascar, but a few examples have also been extracted in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Myanmar, Austria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the U.S. The raw material is extracted directly from the mother rock, also known as effusive rock.

The history of Sphene

This Titanium mineral was first discovered in 1795 in Hauzenberg, in the Bavarian forest. Sphene is a relatively new gemstone to the market, and thus has no myths or traditions associated with it.

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