Tiger Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone Tumbled Bead Necklace NBD,842

Tiger Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone Tumbled Bead Necklace NBD,842

Tiger Eye Natural Genuine Gemstone Tumbled Bead Necklace NBD,842


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This is a beautiful Tiger Eye Tumbled bead Necklace,

This necklace is 32 inches long
Average size of a stone is around 6×5 mm
The Total gram weight is 58.20 grams

Tiger’s eye precious stones are extremely helpful in treating problems associated with the head. Also known as a cat’s eye, it is good for Virgos. Tiger’s eye alleviates aches in bones and joints, and treats tendonitis or neuritis, charged among rock crystals and a tiger’s eye. Legendary Significance The tiger’s eye is a stone that is so named owing to its likeness to the eye of a feline. The color of course becomes so when the stone is chopped in a particular manner owing to its inclusions like the falcon’s or cat’s eye. The gemstone has been highly in demand down centuries and much used for ornamental or therapeutic methods. Properties for Healing The tiger’s eye is especially efficacious in treating bronchial ailments, when applied on the navel chakra. Sufferers of acute bronchitis may leave the precious stone overnight in safe places along with a tape. The stone is popularly recommended for asthmatic patients as well for treating migraines and headaches. Psychologically speaking, the tiger’s eye effectively alleviates depression and generates mental concentration. Charisma of Tiger’s Eye The silky wet shimmer of golden tiger’s eye signifies that it belongs to the quartz family. The cat’s eye effect is resulted by the presence of hornblende fibers that crystallize in uni-directional manner and enhances autonomy and spiritual integration.Connotation of ChakraThe stone is best and effective in the solar plexus and navel chakra.Suitable Star SignsTiger’s eye is said to be highly effective for Virgo.


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