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Turquoise Natural Genuine Gemstone Carved Lion Chasing a Bow in a Sculpture

Turquoise Natural Genuine Gemstone Carved Lion Chasing a Bow in a Sculpture

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Natural Genuine Carved Turquoise Sculpture, the whole thing is hand carved Two Lions chasing a bow beautifully carved and this is a very old piece

Turquoise gemstone is found in green , blue and in different shades. Turquoise stone is the planet of Venus and Neptune. It is found in Afghanistan, Iran, china, Egypt, Arabia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, US etc. It is not a very hard gemstone and is often quite brittle. Even Salman Khan is wearing a 50 carat turquoise stone in a silver bracelet on his wrist. Now here we are talking about its effects. Turquoise give so many effects to its wearer.

  1. It is a perfect companion for those who travel a lot. It protects them from thefts, accidents, or any unwanted incidences.

  2. Turquoise drives good luck in wearer’s life.

  3. Turquoise helps in maintaining stability and concord in married life by infusing deep understanding in partners.

  4. It liberates one from negative energies

  5. It enhances one spiritual state of awareness to help one getter better connected with the true physical and spiritual world.

  6. Those suffering from asthma, depression, dental problems, excessive alcoholism, high blood pressure, infections, poison, radiation, or toxins can overcome their impact with the help of this stone

  7. Panic attacks, frequent tiredness, and problems of low energy levels can also be eliminated with it.

  8. Turquoise is considered a pure stone. Hence, it saves the wearer from mishaps and violence while also reducing mental stress.

Nov 28, 2013 – Though Salman Khan’s fans wear a Turquoise gemstone as a fashion statement, Turquoise is known to have high astrological benefits too. It is a lucky stone for the planet ‘Jupiter’ and is one of the substitutes for ‘Yellow Sapphire’. … Therefore, one is required to be careful while handling his/her turquoise jewelry.

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